Payroll Services


Our simple and affordable payroll solution gives you as much control as you desire! You can review your payroll, make changes, instantly drill-down to report details, check direct deposits and filed tax forms, and much, much more—at anytime, from anywhere—24 hours a day.

No other payroll service gives you complete access to so many important features: 

-Instant, accurate calculation, guaranteed! 
-Paychecks and paystubs that you may print yourself
-Free Direct Deposit and electronic tax payments 
-Multiple pay rates, tips and bonus calculations 
-Retirement deductions and expense reimbursements 
-Dynamic online payroll and tax liability reports 
-Pre-filled, signature-ready payroll tax forms
-….and so much more!

You can perform as much or as little payroll work as you desire, but the difference is, you are always in control of your payroll! Stop sending your payroll to an agency that treats you like just another number. Call us at 847-304-0431 for an appointment today and together, we’ll devise a plan of action that is tailored specifically to your business needs.